Litecoin shopping Mall

'This is the first time that a Litecoin project of this magnitude has been attempted - a Litecoin shopping mall.' Litecoin-infoguy

You sign up and open a shop and start selling within 5 minutes (accepting Litecoin and Bitcoin). We have a number of templates to individualise your store, you can list as many items as you want and best of all it is all FREE.

Litecoin the best crypto for shopping

  • Litecoin is especially suited to be used for small to medium items due to the quick verification of the transactions.

  • It is decentralized (no group has monopoly control over it

  • It is not tied to US dollars or other government fiat currenciesI

  • It is impossible to suffer chargebacks or frozen accounts

  • It is (relatively) anonymous

  • Fees are optional (you may pay to make your transactions process slightly faster)

  • Anyone in the world, of any age, in any country, for any purpose, may start accepting and spending Litecoins immediately. It is a purely free-market currency which every human on the planet has the option of using. It returns the power of money to "the people" and away from "the banks" and "the government."

  • Website beta
    We finally got the Litecoin shopping mall past the beta and are ready to launch the final shopping site soon.

  • We have had great response and a lot of help from a few developers so we are on the best way  to the production stage.

Why a Shopping Mall?

Its a central place for shops

Even if you only wish to sell a few items you will be in the company of other sellers and that will attract a lot mor visitors to your store.

No need to buy & install software

Because all the software for the shop is already set up there is no need for your own a server, to install php scripts, or even to buy any software. Its all here already set up and best of all it's free.

Whats in it for the customer?

Many similar shops to find lots of items. An interface that stays the same across many shops. Only one signup and a rating system for the sellers and buyers.